Sunday, June 3, 2012

China vs Philippine War: President Obama personal war and stance on Asia as a whole

            While China and the Philippines look to avoid a China vs. Philippines war, President Obama remains strong in his conviction that the U.S. make no concessions to China. China has said the U.S. presence in the region is what started the problem in the 1st place. China has said U.S. should stay out of Asian affair's and concentrate on problem on it's own soil, namely the U.S. economy. President Obama believes differently noting China's bid to become a Superpower in the world today. President Obama believes if China is left unchecked, it will slowly consume the countries around it. President Obama said" the act of aggression towards a small country like Philippines which is a peaceful country shows China's willingness to bully if left unchecked by the rest of the world".

           China has painted the picture of President Obama as a war President. China says the evidence of U.S. aggression is the sending of warships to the South China Sea. China says the South China Sea dispute is no call for U.S. to send warship's, do military exercises, and place 2,500 troops in Australia. Even at home in the U.S. people are skeptical of President Obama's plans and are scared of his new found war-like political tone.Some are even calling it President Obama's Personal War, saying in order to win the election, war is what he might need. Let us all pray this is not the case and somehow there will be a peaceful solution.For the latest news on the China vs. Philippine conflict, subscribe by email or bookmark this page. If you want to show support , please hit the G+ button

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

China vs Philippine conflct: Suddenly both countries mature and Peace may be found

                    After all the tough talk and military showdowns, members of Philippine and China government have come together to finally have real peace talks. The peace talks between China and the Philippines have be predicated along a set of rules both countries must follow.
1) No more media crossfire, China and Philippines agreed to stop the media in both countries from making nationalistic comment's that will fuel the fire.

2)No more military posturing, China and Philippines agreed not to send more ships out to sea to show strength.

3)No more outside influences, China and the Philippines agreed to talk one on one without other countries interfering.

Manny Pacquaio says he will fight along side his countrymen if he has too

This monumental agreement between both Philippines and China mark the first steps toward peace in the Asian region. There of course many media outlets who are skeptical , saying while there are peace talks, its still a fragile situation. Religuos groups in the Philippines are saying GOD has finally answered thier prayers and has averted a China vs Philippine war 2012.For the lastest news on the Philippines vs China conflict 2012, subscribe via email or bookmark this page for daily updates and info.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

China vs Philippines : President Obama toughest choice as the U.S. is split on whether to help Philippines vs China in case of war

              The U.S. has already commited 2 nuclear warships and started placing troops in Australia just in case of a Philippine vs China war 2012. The growing problem is two fold as there is opisition in congress and senate whether to commit troops if such a war in the South China Sea region breaks out.President Obama has to juggle the two sides very carefully in oreder to get both sides to coperate. In the philippines there is growing number of people opposing to letting the U.S. help if a Philippine vs China war breaks out. Just 2 weeks ago it seemed that Philippine and U.S. were onboard and it was very clear and understood we would go to war together should a South China Sea War 2012 occurs.Now some Filipino activist are reminding everyone that last time U.S. helped, a base was built by U.S. In the U.S. several key lawmakers reminding the President Obama on how the Philippines turned on them in 1991 and kick the U.S. of the Fili Island.

         To add to the problem Japan will send its navy into the South China Sea, to do a training exercise with Filipino army. Protesters have been fighting with Filipino President Aquino, saying Japan's presence will only piss China off even more. Other's say that  President Obama and Japan's government are taking steps to purposely infuriate China. Such course of action will lead to a Philippine vs China 2012 war.President Obama will have to make the ultimate choice, will The U.S. get involved militarly in case of a South China Sea War. For the latest news updated as it happens bookmark us or follow us by email .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

China vs Philippine 2012: Some philippine and U.S. are not on board whether U.S. will help in War

          So the stage is set with China having over a 100 warships and fishing ships out surrounding the South China Sea. Tiawan,Malaysia,Austrialia,and South Korea have all pledged to help Philippines in case of a Philippine vs. China War. Now comes a shocking development that may change the whole situation into a bad one for the Philippines. There are many Filipino's who have an anti-U.S. sediment. Several high level Filipino government official's dont want U.S. help or invlovement, because the last time U.S. helped the Philippines they built a base on the Philippine Islands before the Philippino people kicked them out in 1991. Many Filipino's fear what may come out if they let U.S. help them now. Some Philipino protesters are fueling the anti-U.S. sediment out into the street's , reminding them of the old U.S. military base in the past. Now Filipino people in general dont want U.S. help should there be a China vs Philippine War 2012.

The beautiful South China Sea
            In the U.S. there are many people in the government who still feel salty about how Philipino government kicked them out of the U.S. in 1991. Now Obama and serveral senator's and congressmen are saying they will support the Philippines but not militarely. This now puts Philippines in a situation where if they go to war with China now, they will face Chine 1 on 1. U.S. has sent the Philippine government 144million dollars and 2 gunships not fully armed. There also has been FIL-am protest here against U.S. intervention in a possible Philippine vs. China War. Right now as of May 26, 2012 if Philippines goes to war with China, U.S. will not help with troops on the ground. Many historian's are pointing to a bay of pig's type situation , like we had with JFK. Let us pray that a war will not break out and peace will prevail.Bookmark or follow us by submitting your email , we will keep you posted on the Latest News on the Philippine vs. China conflict.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Road to World War 3: How the battle for the 5 trillion dollar fishing industry + oil might cause another devastating war.

                In many news articles all the coverage goes to China vs Philippines, but not many cover the economic aspect which is cause the fight between nations. Lets look at some numbers

1) South China Sea accounts for 10 percent of the worlds fishing revenue. This revenue is split between China,Philippines,Taiwan,Malaysia,and Brunei who each claim small part of the South China Sea as their own through various treaties.

2) The total annual income of all these nations a year is $5 Trillion dollars a year. If China can claim all of the South China Sea as it's own , China would be the richest nation on earth .

3) The only undetermined fact is the oil that Chinese scientist have found , but China has never tap any of these resources yet. Lets just say many countries in the middle east have been able to survive off of oil revenue being 70-80% of their total income. How much more richer and powerful would China be if they had full ownership of the South China Sea.

Chinese reporter claims China actually owns Philippines

         We have to look at the economic issue even more than the military issue to understand why there is such an intense China vs Philippines 2012 conflict. Also note it isn't just the Philippines, also claiming some parts of South China Sea is Vietnam, Malaysia,Taiwan,and Brunei. All of the countries would fall into a economic collapse if it wasn't for the fishing industry they all have a part of. Let us hope by some miracle all countries involved find a resolution before a World War 3 2012 starts. For daily news on this China vs. Philippine conflict just submit your email on the right hand side to subscribe or bookmark this site. Also you can click on the Facebook or Twitter buttons and share the news with friend or family.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

China vs Philippines War 2012: Part 2 China floods the South China Sea with over 100 ships , blames the Philippine government

            Comment's from China just coming in today that the Chinese government blames the Philippine government, saying the 79 added warships where a necessity. China says the Philippine government refusal to recognize that all the territory in the South China Sea , has caused the China government to show its force. Chinese Foreign Minister Hong Lei says China has been forced to show its might, and also noted that 20 of the 79 boats are in fact just fishing boats. Some in the Chinese government fail to see a peaceful solution , are preparing for a China vs Philippine War 2012. China Foreign Minister also noted that other countries are trying to make claims like Vietnam, who has also some disputes now with China over a small part of the South China Sea.

      Philippine government had ask the China government to let the U.N. mediate, but China refused U.N. mediation. Many now in the Philippine government are feeling hopeless that there will be a resolution. Filipino foreign affairs secretary Alberto de Rosario has been busy talking to Australia,Vietnam,South Korea,and Japan to gather up resources in case of a Philippine vs China 2012 War. U.S. is which has given the Filipino government 144 million dollars to help the Filipino government bolster their military budget. Some U.S. officials are still not 100% sure if we should help the Philippines in case of China vs Philippine War. Reason some U.S. officials are not confident in a U.S. military backing of Philippines is the 1991 kicking out U.S. bases in the Philippines. The 2nd reason is when U.S. 1st put the nuclear sub in their waters to deter China , some Filipino government officials opposed the move but later saw why. For daily reports on the China vs. Philippine conflict , you can subscribe by submitting your email in the right hand email submission link. Also you can bookmark us, and share us on twitter or facebook. Let us pray that by some miracle there wont be a China vs Philippines 2012 War.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Philippine vs. China war 2012: China releases 79 warship vessels as peacetalks continue

             While many countries in U.N. and N.A.T.O. are trying to find a peaceful solution in the China vs. Philippine crisis, China launched another large force 79 warships into the South China Sea, surronding the Spratly Island's .Many in the Filipino government dont understand this latest move China has made, while many are saying it's time to just prepare for war as a peaceful solution is not going to be found. U.S. has not made an official comment ,but are putting troops in Australia and other ally countries as a sign U.S. is prepared to go to war if that will arise.

           China has said 1 of the factors that led it to push more forces out into the sea was the pledge made by Japan to supply 10-12 warships to Philipines and Vietnam entering thier claim to part of the South China Sea. China also took issue with South Korea pledging to help Philipines should a China vs. Philipine war emerge. Still some media outlet's around the world are saying this is just an intimidation tactic to make the Philipines back off thier claim to the island. For the latest News on the Philipinne vs China conflict subscribe via email by placing you email on the link on the right hand side, yes it's that easy!! We will keep you posted with daily News updates and we all pray that a China vs. Philippine war will never happen.